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About Us

Faith in Action is a program established by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a private philanthropy, to encourage congregations to work together to reach out to those who are in need of assistance to remain independent.  The Foundation initially funded 25 programs in the mid-1980's before beginning a widespread replication of the model in the 1990's.  Today there are approximately 650 Faith in Action programs throughout the country and are linked together by the Faith in Action National Network.

Faith in Action of Oakland County began to form in December 2012.  We have come a long way in a short period of time.  
What we have accomplished to this date:
  • Board of Directors
  • Development Team
  • Accomplished multiple fundraisers
  • Are insured
  • Have our 501c3 status
  • Beginning our work with congregations for support
  • Filing for grants
  • Able to do background checks on our volunteers
  • Ongoing schedules of volunteer training
Faith in Action programs are autonomous and responsible to their individual communities but share five common principles:
  • Interfaith -- They involve faith traditions that represent the diversity of the community and build partnerships with congregations, social service programs, health care providers, businesses and civic organizations.
  • Volunteer -- The local programs use volunteers from the community and from congregations.  Volunteers do not receive a stipend but may be reimbursed for expenses.
  • Caregiving -- The programs focus on a variety of informal caregiving tasks such as transportation, shopping and errands, friendly visiting, respite for caregivers, light housework and more.  Programs build ongoing relationships between volunteers and those in need of assistance but do not provide prevention and educational activities, research or professional health care.
  • Chronic Illness and Disability -- Services are provided to those who are frail, elderly or disabled.  Local programs can identify the target population to be served.
  • Home Based -- Faith in Action programs care for people where they reside -- in private homes or apartments, assisted living facilities, hospice homes or group homes.  Faith in Action programs do not provide adult day care services, operate senior centers or clinics.