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What Every Volunteer Should Know

Anyone with a desire to help their neighbors in need are asked to complete the “Volunteer Inquiry Form”(below), when completed, email or mail it to the FIAOC office. The office will contact you for an appointment to complete a volunteer application.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

  • FRIENDLY VISITS: Visits with the lonely and homebound elderly. Read the mail for someone who is sight impaired. Play cards, share stories or take them out to lunch or for a ride. Remember those we serve will be lonely and have minimal contact with people during their days and weeks.
  • FRIENDLY PHONE CALL: Call someone just to say “Hi” and let them know someone cares. Remember those we serve will be lonely and may just want to know someone is calling them on a regular basis.
  • CAREGIVER RELIEF: Stay with a frail elderly man or woman for a couple hours while their caregiver takes a break, runs errands, or goes to a doctor appointment. Remember the caregiver, daughter, son, husband etc. are also stressed and need to know there is some relief for them also.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Provide a ride to a doctor's appointment or to medical testing. Take a senior to pick up prescriptions, shopping, or to other necessary appointments. Remember these homebound individuals may not have left their homes for days or weeks. What a blessing you will be.
  • ERRANDS: Pick up groceries or other necessary items for someone who is homebound. Remember those we serve may not remember things well and may forget to ask family members for food and other items they may need. A volunteer may have more time to review what the needs of these folks would be.
  • CHORES: Rake an older person's lawn. Clean out a closet or kitchen cabinet for a frail widow. Remember those we serve will be lonely and most likely physically incapable of doing much around they homes.
  • SMALL HOME REPAIRS: Fix a leaky faucet or a wobbly railing for a senior. Install a smoke detector for an elderly couple. Remember those we serve will be frail but also frustrated that repairs are needed around the house. They may forget the ladder is something they should no longer use.
  • LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING: Dust, vacuum and straighten the house for someone who can no longer do it for themselves. Do laundry for a frail senior. Remember those we serve may have poor eye sight and arthritic joints leaving them unable to do the household cleaning they used to do.
  • GROUP PROJECTS: Work with other FIAOC volunteers to clean a yard or wash windows. Often many hands make a job much easier and fun.
  • OFFICE HELP: Help with phone calls. Work on the newsletter and events. Stuff envelopes.
  • BOARD & COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Offer your professional expertise by serving on our Board of Directors. Work on our fundraising committee.

Volunteer Criteria

  • Must successfully complete application and screening process (including three references and a police background check)
  • Minimum of 6-12 month commitment
  • Must be 18 or older (if under 18, parent or guardian must also meet criteria)
  • Must possess a valid ID or Drivers license (if transporting anyone)
  • Must have a valid proof of automobile insurance (if transporting anyone)
  • Must be reliable and punctual
  • Must have a positive attitude and the ability to work well with people
  • Must attend and complete new volunteer orientation and all pertinent orientation/training sessions

Benefits of Volunteering at FIAOC

  • Share your time and talents
  • Give back to the community by putting your “Faith into Action”
  • Enrich your life with rewarding moments of service
  • Nurture your faith through neighborly outreach
  • Foster special relationships with people in need and fellow dedicated volunteers
  • Enhance your own health by staying active and involved with your community
  • Provide satisfaction with the knowledge that you are helping others

CLICK HERE to download Volunteer Form
CLICK HERE for online Volunteer Form